ISOxPro Plugin - Noise Reducer

Introducing the ISOx Pro Plugin.

Reducing undesirable noise naturally.

The ISOx Pro Plugin is the result of many months of development. This professional tool offers an easy and efficient solution to quickly and affordably reduce noise from all digital camera files or scanned film. It uses noise reduction technology specific designed to accommodate RAW or JPEG straight from the camera. With this new essential digital darkroom Photoshop Plugin, photographers can count on precise results through powerful and flexible options.

The main objective of the new ISOx Pro Plugin is to reduce noise while keeping most of the detail intact. It provides options to reduce the color noise (chroma noise) only, as well as other options that reduce the luma and chroma noise simultaneously based on ten (10) intensity levels.

The ISOx Pro Plugin and its automated routines come to the rescue by providing professional results with just the press of a button. You won't get this level of noise reduction and detail retention with any other tool. Unlike other software that drastically removes noise and leaves you with unnatural results, the ISOx Pro Plugin reduces ISO speed noise to about 1.5 stops and is therefore capable of keeping most detail intact.


ISOx Pro Plugin settings:

Using the ISOx Pro Plugin

You have the option of choosing from ISOx Level 1 to Level 10.
Level 1 will provide the lowest noise reduction intensity and Level 10 the highest.

Level 1 is a perfect setting to remove image artifact while keeping 100% detail intact. When editing JPEG files straight from your digital camera, Level 1 or 2 will clean up your file while maintaining a detailed and natural look.

Levels 3-6 should be used with high ISO speeds. It is recommended to use Level 6 with "Opacity Tweak" checked, in order to fine tune your results. More info about Opacity Tweak will be discussed later in this manual.

Levels 7-10 are very drastic and should only be used with very problematic files. (Detail will be lost)

There is a perfect threshold level for every photo. Since the ISOx Pro plugin works with all image files, it offers many levels of intensity. That does not mean that each of the included levels will provide the optimal results you need for all of your images. Actually, I do not recommend using very high intensity levels when striving for natural results. A safe level range for pretty much all photographs is from 1 to around 6.
I personally concentrate from levels 1 to 4 when editing my own files, but understand that sometimes users may need even more intensity, and that is why ISOx Pro offers the additional levels.
It is advisable to always check in the Opacity Tweak, and then adjust the opacity slider for your image needs. (More information about Opacity Tweak is addressed later in the manual.)



Again, my overall recommendation is to concentrate between Level 1 to 4, but of course this could change depending on the camera and image used.

After you choose your desired intensity level, ISOx Pro will duplicate your file and do its work. Duplicating your file is an important step to protect your original layers. This also provides a safer way to experiment and compare your results side by side.


B) Color Noise ONLY

If you check mark the "Color noise only" option, the plugin will only reduce Chroma (Color) noise from your files. Color noise is the worst side effect a CCD and CMOS sensor produce. It gives our images a digital look and it gets worse when shooting at higher ISO speeds. Photographers can choose from three (3) Color reduction intensities: Low, Medium and High. Color noise Only will keep 100% detail intact even when using the High intensity.


C) Luma Sharpen:

The Luma sharpen option will sharpen your files while reducing noise (Low recommended). It can be used with the ISOx or Color Noise Only intensities.

Choose from Low and Medium depending on the image needs.



Here is a sample. (Scanned film and other digital camera samples coming soon)


This image is a 100% crop from the full size.

Before ISOx Pro(original 100% crop)

AFTER ISOx Pro (With Luma Sharpen Medium)

As you can see the color noise has vanished - 100%. Color noise is the worst side-effect of digital high speed files. Luma noise was also reduced. This high ISO file after using the ISOx Pro will deliver practically noise free prints!