Olympus E-10, E-20 E-ISOR (noise reducer)

There are several ways to reduce high iso noise from ISO 80, ISO 160 and ISO 320 E-10/20 images. The trick is to reduce as much noise as possible while keeping most of detail and sharpness intact. These Photoshop actions work exclusively with Olympus E-10 or E-20 jpeg and .ORF files. They are optimized to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate noise from normal/high ISO E10 and E20 images, while retaining detail and sharpness intact.

They are also much faster than any noise reduction currently available. (compatible with Photoshop's batch mode).e-isoR is compatible with Photoshop 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 or higher (PC and MAC)

Currently not compatible with PhotoshopLE and Elements.

e-iso80R (for E-10 OR E-20 ISO 80 images)

The E10/20's ISO 80 already provides relatively clean images with limited amounts of noise when shot in normal light conditions. However, when shooting in low light there is a possibility that ISO 80 images could have a noticeable amount of noise in the shadows. This smart action will ONLY reduce noise when necessary. Therefore, you can safely run e-iso80R with all your ISO 80 images, and not have to worry about loosing precious detail. It also works with Photoshop batch mode, which is a great timesaver for professionals who want to clean up a large quantity of pictures all at once.


e-iso80R comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER

e-iso160R (for E-10 OR E-20 ISO 160 images)

E-10's ISO 160 images show a considerable amount of noise. For that reason, some photographers avoid it. When running the new E-10/20 e-iso160R action, you can make those ISO160 shots useable and produce professional quality images at high iso settings.


e-iso160R comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER

e-iso320R (for E-10 OR E-20 ISO 320 images)

E-10's ISO 320 images shows a very noticeable amount of noise. For that reason, some professional photographers never use it. When running the new E-10/20 iso320R action, you can rescue those ISO 320 shots, and produce professional quality images.


e-iso320R comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER