New DV PRO v4.0 (Digital Velvia 16-bit)

DV (Digital Velvia) is one of the most popular FM actions. Now, the new DV PRO v4.0 offers more than triple the amount of image enhancing saturation options. These 16-bit accuracy saturation steps were developed for those interested in increasing color saturation (simulating a Velvia film look) while keeping low noise and accurate colors within the channels individually.

If 16-bit color accuracy is as important to you as they are to me, DV PRO v4.0 should be one of your most used digital darkroom tools.

*Photoshop's built-in saturation filter increases noise/artifact and shifts colors when globally saturating our images.

How does it work?
DV PRO v4.0 will enhance colors individually within the RGB channels. It
provides 12 levels of color saturation enhancement and 8 levels of color desaturation. All of these calculations are performed with 16-bit accuracy which is essential for color correction. The FM action includes saturation and desaturation Wizards that will walk you through the process while letting you decide which color enhance level better suits your work.

DV PRO v4.0 is compatible with images from all digital cameras or scanned film. It works with Photoshop 6, 7 or higher - PC or Mac

New DV PRO v4.0 action palette: 2 new Wizards and more than 20 intensity options!


DV PRO v4.0 Saturation sample:

DV PRO (Intensity 3)
DV PRO (Intensity 5)
DV PRO (Intensity 7)
DV PRO (Intensity 9)


DV PRO v4.0 Desaturation sample:

Original (1Ds color matrix 3)
DV PRO Desaturation (Level 3) - More natural colors