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D30 vs. D60 vs. 1D - Sky noise test
written by Fred Miranda

NOTE: The image samples are 100% crops of full images. There was NO image editing performed to any of the below crops. Parameters used: Normal sharpness, Normal contrast and Normal saturation.

D60 images taken from a pre-production model

ISO 100 | 1/250s | f/8
D30 | D60 | 1D


ISO 200 | 1/500s | f/8
D30 | D60 | 1D


ISO 400 | 1/1000s | f/8
D30 | D60 | 1D


ISO 800 | 1/3000s | f/8
D30 | D60 | 1D


ISO 1600 | 1/4000s | f/8
D30 | D60* | 1D

*D60 patch settings: ISO 1000 | 1/3000s | f/8

My initial analyses
  • My first impression of the D60 pre-production images is that they are nosier than D30 and 1D production images. After carefully viewing photographs taken from all three cameras, I concluded that the 1D image was the cleanest at all ISO settings and this difference was substantially evident at ISO 800 and 1600.
  • D60 iso1000 images seem to have the same noise amount and characteristics as the D30 at iso1600.
  • At iso100 and 200, images seem to have around the same noise amount. However, this changes at ISO 400 where the D60's blue channel is slightly nosier than the D30's followed by the cleaner 1D image.
  • At iso800, the D60 is again the noisiest. The 1D is much cleaner than the D30, making it the first choice for photographers that use this ISO setting. Canon just released the 1D firmware 1.3.0. I hope that we will not see any more banding in images from this otherwise excellent pro body.