Nikon Coolpix 5000 & 5700 series (ISOR-5000) noise reducer

There are several ways to reduce chroma and luma noise from ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO400 and 800 Coolpix 5000 and 5700 images. The trick is to reduce as much noise as possible while keeping most of detail and sharpness intact.

These Photoshop actions work exclusively with Nikon Coolpix 5000 and 5700 files. They were developed to minimize or in some cases completely erase noise from normal/high ISO images, while maintaining most detail and sharpness intact. In addition, they run faster than any other noise reduction currently available. (Works in Photoshop's batch mode)

ISOR5000 is compatible with Photoshop 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 or higher (PC and MAC) - All Photoshop languages

Currently not compatible with PhotoshopLE and Elements.

The original images used to show the efficiency of ISOR5000 are available at Steve's Digicams. Below are 100% magnification crops of the original images.


ISO 100 already provides relatively clean images, with minimal amounts of noise when shot in normal light conditions. However, when shooting in low light, there is a possibility that ISO 100 images could have a noticeable amount of noise in the shadows. In addition, there is visible chroma noise at this sensitivity.

This smart action will ONLY reduce noise when necessary. Therefore, you can safely run iso100-ISOR5000 with all your ISO 100 images, and not have to worry about loosing precious detail.

It also works in Photoshop batch mode, which is a great timesaver for professionals who want to clean up a large quantity of pictures all at once.



iso100-ISOR5000 comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER



ISO 200 images show a considerable amount of noise in low light conditions. When running the new iso200-ISOR5000 action, you can make those ISO200 shots useable and produce professional quality images at this ISO sensitivity.

iso200-ISOR5000 comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER




ISO 400 images portrait a substantial amount of noise. For that reason, some photographers shy away from using it. When running the new iso400-ISOR5000 action, you can rescue those ISO 400 shots, and produce professional quality images.

iso400-ISOR5000 comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER




ISO 800 images show extremely large amounts of noise. For that reason, some photographers never use it. When running the new cp-iso800-ISOR5000 action, you can rescue those ISO 800 shots, and produce acceptable quality images.

iso800-ISOR5000 comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER